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Wondering how Miss Nee works?

"Miss Nee" (Courtney) is a Geelong based dressmaker who provides a custom made service and alterations for any special occasion. Whether it's your wedding, debutante, formal, special occasion or costumes for dance, film and television she's got you covered. 


Custom Made Process

For the custom made process Courtney works with you to design and create a unique and personalised outfit that not only compliments your personal style but is made to fit your body shape perfectly. 


At your first appointment you are encouraged to bring along photographs of inspiration you love. They could be one particular garment you're wanting to replicate or maybe a combination of a few that can be incorporated into one completely new garment. At this appointment you will further discuss your ideas and visions and then together you will come up with a finished design.


From there a pattern is created using all your measurements and inspiration. Your dress is then turned into a mock up so you can both check the overall design and fit during your second appointment  Once you have tried on the mock up she will bring your design to life with your chosen fabrics. Usually a third and fourth appointment are required here.

Alterations Process

Majority of the alterations Courtney does are bridal and bridesmaid gowns, but of course will take on other alterations.

At your first appointment you will be required to try on the garment you're wanting altered. Bring along what you're intending on wearing with the outfit. If it's your wedding gown, bring along your shape wear, veil and shoes so Courtney can correctly check the length of your hem and alter the gown perfectly. Here she will mark all the alterations required. 


At your second appointment your alterations are complete. You will try the garment on again with what you bought to your first appointment to ensure the alterations have been done correctly. This gives you the idea of how the garment will feel on the day of your special event. If anything isn't quite feeling right or needs a slight tweak, Courtney can usually do it on the spot for you, otherwise a third appointment may be required.    

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